Designing Your Future: Architecting Success in the New Year

In this empowering video, Andrea C. McLean discusses the concept of personal growth and self-improvement in the New Year, challenging viewers to move away from extreme resolutions and towards gradual evolution and personal growth. 

She encourages viewers to break down their aspirations into tangible steps and formulate plans that align with their lifestyles and resources. Additionally, she introduces the ‘FutureSelf Architects’ Facebook group, a community support network designed to aid in the journey towards achieving full potential. The focus is on celebrating small victories and nurturing potential.

00:00 Introduction and New Year Wishes

00:03 Challenging the Concept of New Year, New You

00:22 Embracing Gradual Evolution Over Radical Makeover

00:57 The Importance of a Roadmap for Your Vision

01:15 Overcoming Obstacles and Building a Supportive Tribe

01:29 Introduction to the Future Self Architects Facebook Group

02:04 Celebrating Victories in the Journey of Self-Improvement

02:22 Embracing the Improved You

02:42 Conclusion: Make Your Vision a Celebration of Growth

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